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Every new construction of any residential or commercial space requires impeccable service, especially when it comes to your AC. Listed below are some major points to keep in mind when designing your AC system in space. Contact Us Today for New Construction in Spokane, Spokane Valley, WA, Coeur d’Alene, ID, and Surrounding Areas.

Major points when designing your AC system

Building plan

Once you approach any top-level AC design company for your new construction, they only require the building plan first. This material will help them design their HVAC system as your choice. Choose only professionals who know about different building categories and suggest them accordingly.

AC system type

It is paramount to know your AC system type for your new construction building. Different types of buildings – residential or commercial require separate HVAC systems. There are mainly three types of AC systems:

Split AC

It is the most common type of AC in a commercial building. In this type of AC, the heating and cooling system can be operated independently or work together using a thermostat.

Hybrid AC

A hybrid system is suited with dual heating sources of heat. It has a conventional boiler as well as heat pumps.

Packaged system AC

As the name suggests, this particular system offers all one air conditioning system for your new construction requirements. You can control both cooling and heating with this system.

Cooling and heating requirements

It is one of the major decisions that AC designers have to consider. Based on the data regarding your new construction, designers prepare a plan to construct and optimize your AC unit.

Ventilation and ducts system

It is pertinent to work according to the new construction plan to control heating and cooling across the building. HVAC designers only need to confirm that proper positions are available to make ducts and vents so that heating-cooling can be adjusted cost-effectively.


New construction

Inland Northwest’s most esteemed builders hire Complete Heating and Sheet Metal because of the value of our products and services. We work with builders to create an air conditioning and/or heating system plan specifically for your build-out, ensuring each product is the right product for your space. Plus, builders know we complete our work within the production cycle, on time and, often, saving you money.
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If you are looking for exquisite designers for your HVAC system, Complete Heating & Sheet Metal Inc is your best solution. Our team has years of experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining HVAC systems for any building. When you approach us with your new construction HVAC requirement, we are ready to serve you with only the best.

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